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Thank you for your contribution to the cause!
To make a donation in Memory of or In Honor of an individual, please return to the Home Page and select "Memorials & Donations" in the Events menu.
Note that donations made to Individuals who are on Alzheimer's WALK Teams count toward both that Individual WALKer's fundraising total and his or her Team's fundraising total.

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How your donations help 
$12 donation ... Mails Educational Packets to 3 HelpLine callers.
(Note that packets were sent to 102 people in April 2011, which would total $408 in donations.)

$20 donation ... Covers the registration fee for a family member in need to attend a day-long "Caring & Coping" Caregiver Training Workshop

$35 donation ... Funds Adult Day Care for a participant for 1 day at Howard Circle of Friends Adult Day Care

$50 donation ... Equals 2 Baths for a Scholarship recipient receiving help with in-home care
1 Case of Adult Briefs for a Scholarship recipient

*Support is awarded on a sliding scale, which means the figures above will vary depending on a person's income.

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